By Samuel Stark, his son--1955

Daniel's Boyhood Days
Daniel's First Trip Away From Home
Daniel Becomes Homesick to See His Folks, Returns Home
Daniel Returns to Boston
Daniel's First Contact with the Mormons
Daniel Meets Ann Cook, His First Wife
Daniel's Illness
His Own Words From His Dairy
Daniel Baptized a Member in the Mormon Church
Leaves Boston For His Old Home in Windsor
Daniel Bids Adieu to His Family for the Last Time
Daniel Stark Receives the Priesthood
Daniel Did Local Missionary Work
Daniel's First Marriage
Daniel and His Wife Adopt a Small Child
Daniel's Brother James Comes to Boston
Daniel Leaves Boston for New York
He Boards Ship Brooklyn
Ship Brooklyn Starts For California
Ship Brooklyn Reaches California
Sam Brannan Goes East to Meet Brigham Young
Daniel's Last Trip to the Mines
Daniel Works on J W Marshall's Home
Daniel Builds Home in San Jose, California
Daniel's Brother, James, the Actor, Arrives
Daniel Stark, a Freighter
Daniel Ordained a High Priest
Brigham Young Requests the San Bernardino Saints to
   Come to Utah Because of Johnson's Army
Daniel Stark a Captain
The End of Daniel Stark's Traveling Companion
Daniel Stark Elected Captain of Militia
Daniel Stark a Colonizer
Daniel Starts Over Again
Daniel and Families Move Back to Payson
Daniel Stark, Utah County Surveyor
Death of Daniel Stark and His Two Wives

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