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Daniel Builds Home in San Jose, California

February 23 put things on launch. February 25, left home at 9:00 AM by land with wagon, detained at Mission. Camped near Ranchos. Next day it was rainy and cold. Camped under a tree in a tent and the next day, Wednesday 27 camped in the wagon in Pueblo. Thursday, February 28 arrived home at 4:30 PM. March 1, 1850, went to Embarcadero and worked on my house. Commenced plowing alone and worked on Marshall's house in exchange for property. March 6, worked on my house and the next three days worked on Marshall house. March 10 went to Embarcadero. As stated before, it was less than three weeks after Daniel and his wife moved into their first new home in San Francisco that their first daughter, Ann Francis, was born on February 19, 1848. In the early part of April when he finished and moved into his new home in San Jose, California, their second son, James Theophilis Stark, was born April 26, 1850.

For the past two years, since the discovery of Gold at Coloma, San Francisco had become infested with ruffians from all parts of the globe in search of the yellow metal. This brought the darkest days San Francisco had ever witnessed. Crime was rampant and the city government was too inefficient or too indifferent to suppress it.

Some of the Ship Brooklyn's passengers were sworn in as guards. One guard who especially rendered valuable assistance was George W Sirrine, later a resident of Mesa, Arizona. He was a wheel-right in the east where he had experience in the police force. It was he, who arrested Jack Powers, leader of the outlaws in a meeting that was being addressed by Sam Brannan. He also helped in obtaining evidence, which the Naval Authorities used to eliminate over fifty of the desperados. Some of them had been sniping on the war vessels in port.

Daniel's Brother, James, the Actor, Arrives

Before leaving San Francisco to move into their new home in San Jose, California, Daniel said they were favored with a visit by his brother James, the actor. It was a

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