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Daniel Stark Receives the Priesthood

July 23, 1844, just four days before the martyrdom of the prophet Joseph Smith JR, and his brother Hyrum, Daniel Stark was ordained an Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by Apostle Brigham Young, in the Suffolk Hall. Brigham said to Daniel, "It will either make or break you."

Brigham Young was ordained an Apostle 14 February 1835 under the hands of the Three Witnesses, Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer and Martin Harris. The Three Witnesses were ordained Apostles Feb 14, 1835 by Joseph Smith JR

Sidney Rigdon, and Frederick G Williams. Joseph Smith JR and Oliver Cowdrey received the Melchizedek Priesthood in 1829, under the hands of Peter, James, and John. They were ordained Apostles by the Lord Jesus Christ (John 15, 16).

Daniel Did Local Missionary Work

July 28, 1844--went to Suffolk Hall, G J Adams preached. August 7 bought tools from F Patch for $21.00 August 25 walked to Medford, about 15 miles northwest of Boston, and Maldon about 12 miles north of Boston with Brother Bickford preaching.

August 30--stuck a knife in my arm. September 1, 1844 went to Maldon with Brother Bickford preached in the Schoolhouse in the evening. September 7 took a tramp out to Maldon preaching in afternoon. September 20 went to Mechanic Fair. September 25 went to Cambridge Port to Mormon meeting in the evening. September 29 began boarding with Mr. and Mrs. Light, on Moon Street

October 6, 1844 went to Cambridge Town Hall to hear G J Adams preach.

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