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September 13, 1843 my brother Joseph arrived and the next day brothers Joseph, James and I went to Newton, about 15 miles west of Boston.

Leaves Boston For His Old Home in Windsor

November 8, 1843 went to Brighton to see my brother Joseph after being away from home 18 months and then I went on board a sailship, piloted by Captain Bowes. Waited until 4:00 PM for a passenger and then it was too stormy to set sail until 4:00 am. November 11, 1843 and went into Mr. Desert Island harbor just east of Maine, November 14, and got under way at 8:00 am November 15, and reached Advocate Harbor, S W Tip of Cumberland Nova Scotia at 7:00 am. November 16--lay aground. November 17--tried to get off but through carelessness had to try another tide and got off in the evening after dark, and then got aground on a sandbar on tide, wind light on shore. November 18, 1843 --drifted through the Digby Neck but drifted rather too near Black Rock.

November 19-1843 arrived at Half Way River at little past ebb, being on the Falmouth shore. Walked up to Windsor, Nova Scotia at 3:00 PM

November 21, 1843 began threshing oats and November 28 started threshing wheat and finished threshing December 13th

December 20,1843 Sent out of town. While in Windsor I went to church with my father to his meeting in the Methodist Church. He had a square pew and he was put in the choir and played a bass violin.

December 30, 1843 worked on gutters and other repairs to the home

March 19, 1844 received old watch No 18609 by George Gower London

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