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Daniel Returns to Boston

After remaining in Windsor about eighteen months, he became restless, and records in his diary May 5, 1842, -- indicated he left Windsor at 9:30 PM on a sailboat.

He arrived May 7, at Spencer Island. -- May 8, he sailed at 10:00 am, wind southerly, -- May 9 ran into Dipper Harbor, -- May 10, left Dipper Harbor at 10:00 am -- May 11 passed Mt Desert -- May 13 saw Sabin Light -- May 14, arrived at Boston at 10:00 am. May 15, 1842 -- commenced boarding with Uncle Joseph Stark, then living at 42 Congress Street, Boston at $2.75 per week. May 18, went to work at noon for Mr. J G Gould for $8.60 per day.

"June 8" says his diary, " went to see the play called the Trial of Christ, price twenty-five cents."

June 13, 1842 worked in Freemont Street, near Boylston Hall, where the Mormon held their meetings.

June 20 went to see the play. "The Lion of the Desert" price fifty cents. Next few days worked in shop and on Charleston Street, and Lyman Place.

June 30 commenced four flight circular stairs in the cupola of the Merchants Exchange, on State Street.

July 4, 1842 saw excellent fireworks.

The next 14 days working in Friend Street, Warren Street in Charleston and shop.

August 8 commenced at noon at Somerset Street. August 9 received a blow on hip by a board falling down through the stairway.

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