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Daniel's Brother James Comes to Boston

When Daniel told his brother James, the actor, that he and his wife were going with other colonizers on a trip around South America, and land on the western shores of the United States, James cried like a baby, and said they would never see each other again. Daniel assured his brother that his past nine years labors on 70 different streets in Boston as a carpenter, cabinet maker, staircase builder, and holding a Journeyman's certificate, gave him confidence and undaunted faith in himself. He felt assured he would succeed wherever his lot may be cast. Daniel told James that he and his associates, like the Pilgrim Fathers, longed to go where they could worship God in peace, away from the persecution of their families and others who did not see the truth as they had found it.

Daniel Leaves Boston for New York

Daniel sold his belongings, excepting his tool chest full of sharp carpenter's tools and a feather bed, which he crammed into a flour bin. After bidding goodbye to his and his wife's families and friends, they, and their two children, left Boston at 4:00 PM January 22, 1846, on a train for New York City, New York. They arrived at 10:00 am January 23, 1846. Reaching New York they found the Ship Brooklyn was not ready to make her trip to California, via Cape Horn, so they hired a room and boarded on the corner of Navy and Greenwich Streets.

He Boards Ship Brooklyn

The next day Daniel went on board the Ship Brooklyn and complained that the ceilings were too low, one would have to stoop over to walk about in the cabins. He observed that a large room could be used for meetings and other entertainments and also as a dining room.

Daniel met Elder Samuel Brannan and said he was a very good-looking young man, well dressed. He learned that the trip had been arranged by President Brigham

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