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time saying over and over as fast as he could his one and only swear word. Then the mules went along reaching Mt Carmel.

Daniel Starts Over Again

Daniel got busy and built another home for his two families and acquired a tract of land along the north side of the Virgin River where it was only about seven feet across, one could easily jump it. He did farming, bought a few cows and his boys herded them along the riverbanks. He did carpentering for his neighbors and some surveying. He also brought with him his office of Bishop, and was the first Bishop in Mt Carmel. While living there, the United Order was set up in the next town north in Long Valley, called Orderville. Here, in Mt Carmel on October 12, 1871, William Brigham Stark was born to Elizabeth. Leaving his families in Mt Carmel Daniel went to St George and assisted in the construction of the St George Temple, as a civil engineer.

The book, "Brigham Young and His Works" by Preston Nibley, page 475, has this to say about building the St George Temple. "November 12, 1871, the site of the St George Temple building had been surveyed under the direction of President Brigham Young by Elders Daniel Stark and Joseph W Young from the ground plans furnished by Elder Truman O Angell, architect for the Church. It is 142 feet in length by 95 feet wide and the center of the building is to be on the center of the block which is thirty two rods square."

Daniel and Families Move Back to Payson

While Daniel engaged in Church work and other civic activities word came to him from the party who agreed to buy his home and farm in Payson that he was unable to keep up with the payments. Daniel resigned as his position as Bishop, gathered up his belongings and disposed of what property he had, loaded his families into the two covered wagons, and with his four mules, bade goodbye to his many friends and moved back to Payson, Utah, in 1872. After repossessing his property and refunding all the party had paid on the contract he moved back into the old adobe house and began farming the 40 acres. He soon united with Uncle Joe Mathews

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