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native fast and testimony meeting with the Missionaries laboring in the Islands.

Some of the natives spoke in their native language, which was very musical, and some in English. Some of the Saints from the ship also bore their testimonies and the Spirit of the Lord was felt by all present. Soon after sailing from the Hawaiian Islands, July 1 1846, a lad was discovered aboard, a stowaway soldier deserted from the U S Army. He came in very handy in training the men in the use of the musket and sword while the women were busy making uniforms from the denim.

Ship Brooklyn Reaches California

Upon reaching the Golden Gate Harbor, Captain Richardson ordered all passengers to go down into the hold for fear of being caught with armaments of war. After passing the Gate they were permitted to come on deck and put on their uniforms, and the hold was unlocked, and Brannan passed out to each man a musket and so many rounds of ammunition. They were then ready to enter in combat with the Mexicans. Brannan's ambition was to be the hero in being the first one to hoist the American Flag on the Western shores. Sailing along the placid waters of the Bay, passing the little town of Yerba Buena, they saw the Stars and Stripes waving in the breeze. A moment later a Warship came along side, from which a young officer came aboard the Brooklyn deck and saluted the crowd of excited Mormons, "Ladies and Gentlemen", he said, "I have the honor to inform you that you are now in the United States of America".

After a moment of silence a joyful cheer broke forth. Captain John B Montgomery and the Warship Portsmouth had cheated Samuel Brannan of his dream. But to the Mormons on the Brooklyn, who had sought peace, not war, there came a conscious sigh of relief and satisfaction. Their haven was reached; their voyage had ended. They were the first California settlers under the American Flag. Daniel records on August 3, 1846, they began unloading the cargo of the Ship Brooklyn, and they stored the household goods owned by some of the saints going westward overland to California.

The housing situation was a great problem, and the foggy clouds gave the place a dismal greeting. Some found shelter from the chilling winds in a small adobe on

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