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October 8,10,11, and 13 went to discussion at Marlbow Chapel between G J Adams and a Minister.

October 15, 1844, attended Church meeting at 17th and East Cambridge. At Church Meeting October 22, Brother Hardy was cut off the church.

October 31-Brother John arrived in town. November 10 went to Town Hall

November 26 got a license from City Clerk to get married

November 28, Thanksgiving Day.

Daniel's First Marriage

It was at the first Mormon meeting Daniel attended on August 14 1842, that he met and fell in love with Ann Cook, who was born June 4, 1821, in St John, New Brunswick, daughter of Thomas and Francis Cook. At that time she was a servant girl working in Boston. They were marrried after two years courtship, December 1 1844, in Suffock Hall, Boston, before a large Mormon congregation. The marriage ceremony was performed by Brother John Ball. Daniel said he married them for Time and Eternity

December 2, 1844 Daniel and wife Ann commenced boarding with Brother and Sister J R Teauge, who were at the wedding.

17 January 1845--spent the day hunting for a house to live in. February 3, 1845--spent the day hunting for a house to live in.

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