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Young and other Church Authorities, with Samuel Brannan as guardian for the 238 Saints going on Board. He said farming and gardening tools and seeds of all kinds were loaded on the ship. He noted that each of the emigrants was carrying the seeds of the Gospel to plant on the Western Shores, and they were endowed with the Holy Ghost, which would germinate the seeds and make them grow in the hearts of the people they may meet. Many of the Saints, Daniel said, loaded their household goods on the ship, thinking Brigham Young would pioneer the main body overland to California, and they would unload them there. Large hogsheads of fresh water from the Croton Lake were placed in the bottom of the ship.

In his diary of January 25, 1846, Daniel said, he and his wife and two children went aboard the ship, and because he had two children on his arms he was released from deck services, or as the army would say KP.

Ship Brooklyn Starts For California

On Feb 4, 1846, Ship Brooklyn pulled up her anchor and was towed out to sea by a steamboat at 2:00 PM. History tells us that it was on the very day the Mormon Pioneers crossed the icy waters of Mississippi under the leadership of President Brigham Young for their westward journey. Daniel said the Saints lived together on the ship somewhat after the United Order style, all eating together in the large room, excepting Sam Brannan and Captain Richardson, who had more enviable quarters. The same large room was held for morning and evening prayers, and on Sundays Church services were held where all were admonished to live together in harmony and love. Many faith promoting testimonies were borne and soon a choir was organized, and all joined in singing the songs of Zion, which was their destination. He said the elements combined to make unity. The third day out a very strong wind tossed the boat back and forth making many seasick, and they obliged to remain in their bunks and could not go on deck for exercise and fresh air. This storm kept up the three or four days. Daniel stood it wonderfully as he was more or less used to high seas in his travels back and forth from Windsor to Boston with trips mostly on sailboats. When the wind abated, the passengers resorted to the deck parades for exercise and fresh air. He said on March 3, 1846. The ship drifted into summer like weather and they crossed the Equator. Many tricks and jokes were played on some of the passengers. They were amused by the many flying fishes and the porpoises racing along the ship, first in the water then leaping

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