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boarding with his Uncle Joseph, and he said Joseph's wife and her mother, Mrs. McClintoch, were very good and kind to him. They did everything they could for his recovery. On September 11, he sat up an hour and the same the next day, and on September 18, he ran down the stairs and outdoors in his shirttail, with a very high fever. Mrs. Joseph Stark and Mrs. McClintoch ran out and caught him and put him back to bed. This sick spell took all of Daniel's hair off his head, making him completely bald. When it came in it was curly, and his friends did not know him, even Mr. Jones, his close friend, passed him on the street and did not know him.

His Own Words From His Diary

September 27, 1842 worked on a home on Minister Street, South Boston

September 29, 1842 commenced work in Portland Street, and for the next three weeks worked in Baldwin Place, Prince Street and shop

October 24, 1842 went with my employer, Mr. J G Gould, to West Cambridge and put in a flight of circular stairs and a frame banister. For the next four weeks worked in Prince Street, Endecot Street and shop.

November 25, 1842 enjoyed a Thanksgiving Dinner with my friends, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Parker.

November 26, 1842 worked in shop. Worked up to July 28, 54 1/2 days at $8.00 until today 71 1/2 days at $9.00 per day. Next two weeks worked for $7.60 per day, work short. Worked in shop and in Endecot Street setting banisters.

December 10, 1842 commenced wearing wig.

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