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Dupoint Street. Others pitched their tents on vacant lots. Daniel and his family and others found quarters in the deserted Mission Delores over the hills about three miles.

Samuel Brannan and a chosen few found lodging in the large home of Captain W A Richardson, which he built in 1835.

The housing situation was taxed to the limit. Brooklyn's store of food shrank quite rapidly, and the head of each family sought work, which was scarce. Captain Richardson notified Sam Brannan of a shortage of $1,000 in payment of fares because the trip took longer than he figured on. After some discussion Captain Richardson agreed to accept a cargo of lumber as ballast for his return trip in payment for the $1,000. Sam Brannan selected a stout Mormon crew, including Daniel Stark, equipped them with axes, sawmill irons, and contracted with a man by the name of Smith, who operated a steam sawmill, to saw 1,000 logs for 75 cents each. Sam Brannan dispatched them all to Bodega in the Marin Forests, north of the Golden Gate Harbor to get out the lumber.

Daniel said he left his family to go on this trip August 17, 1846. He said the bark on the trees was very thick, but when trimmed made beautiful logs and sawed into first class lumber. After finishing his work in the forests he reached home September 19, 1846. He said he witnessed the naming of San Francisco, California on January 30, 1847. Three months later he purchased a lot in San Francisco, and received his deed March 8, 1847.

Sam Brannan Goes East to Meet Brigham Young

Daniel's diary states Sam Brannan and Charles Smith left on horseback April 4, 1847 in search of Brigham Young and his emigrants coming westward. Daniel said that when Brannan returned September 17,1847, he was a changed man, downhearted and inside of ten days he disorganized the Brooklyn saints and told them to go where they pleased, and that if any one asked what the Mormons believed in, to tell them "It is to mind one's own business."

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