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going about the county threshing for the farmers.

On September 30, 1873, Elizabeth gave birth to Martha Amelia in Payson, who died October 26, 1873. Ernest Albert Stark was born to Priscilla in the old adobe house in Payson, October 1, 1874, and the next week, Kate Matilda Stark was born to Elizabeth in Payson.

Daniel Stark, Utah County Surveyor

After 1876, Daniel Stark was appointed to the position of Utah County Surveyor and then moved his wife Priscilla and her family to Provo where he had his office in the City and County Building. This work of threshing took him away from home a lot of the time, even over into Cedar Valley and Goshen. While in Provo, Daniel was chosen High Councilman in the Utah Stake of Zion. On February 6, 1877, George Edward was born to Elizabeth in Payson. Priscilla gave birth on May 1st, the same year, to Franklin in Provo. Clara Jane was born to Priscilla August 16, 1879 in Provo. On December 4, 1879, Elizabeth gave birth to her daughter Elizabeth in Payson.

In 1881 Daniel moved his wife Priscilla, and family back to Payson, and built them a home in the northwest part of town. Isaac Walter was born to Priscilla, January 23, 1882 in Payson and on March 6, 1884, Elizabeth gave birth to her eleventh and last child Louie. March 12, 1884, and Priscilla gave birth to her seventh and last child Mabel.

Death of Daniel Stark and His Two Wives

Priscilla Stark died January 8, 1894 in Payson, Utah, having lived a true and faithful Latter-day Saint all her active life, well loved by all who knew her.

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