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The studies, which most interested him in school, were arithmetic and drawing, particularly perspective drawing. These were more interesting to him than grammar and reading, which his French teacher, Mr. Deuravodge tried to impose upon him.

Daniel's First Trip Away From Home

Daniel became very much attached to his affectionate brother James, two years his senior, later styled "James, the actor", who because of the low allowance received from his Scotch father, left the farm and went to Boston, Massachusetts, where he secured a good position as an apprentice in a cabinet factory. Daniel yearned to be with this brother, James, and becoming tired of school and the hard farm labors, made up his mind to go to Boston and get a job like his brother. He left home just one month before his seventeenth birthday, May 29, 1838.

While bidding his family good-bye, his mother placed some ham and mustard sandwiches in his pocket, and he walked down to the wharf, where he boarded a freight sailing boat loaded with plaster of paris, destined for Boston. With a sad heart he soon found himself leaving his native shores. They passed through the Scotts Bay, and Minas Channel into the Bay of Fundy, where the tide rises to 43 feet, and sometimes to 45 feet, making the voyage a rough and very choppy one. After eating his sandwiches he became very seasick, which lasted until they sailed into the Atlantic Ocean, where the voyage was not so rough. He heavy cargo kept the boat's keel on a smooth balance as it glided southward along the picturesque evergreen mountains, driven by the prevailing north winds. In a few days the boat anchored in the Boston Bay harbor.

Daniel lost no time in calling on his Uncle Joseph at 42 Congress Street, where he met his brother James, who was boarding there. The meeting was a joyful one, as the true love for each other was mutual. The next morning James took Daniel to the cabinet factory where he worked, and introduced Daniel to his employer, Mr. Horr. It was through James' influence that Daniel secured employment as an apprentice in the same factory, which position he held for four years, when his agreement terminated on his twenty-first birthday. He was then given a certificate as a Journeyman from the Massachusetts Mechanical Association.

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